The time sweepers

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The time sweepers

How to Write a Summary of an Article? They are people who sweep up all the time that is lost or wasted. They are invisible, but sometimes they can be noticed. The time-sweepers are hard-working. They work every day and are never sick. The lost and wasted time is packed and recycled.

The time sweepers

But not every type of time can be recycled, the most poisoned time is buried in a tank underneath a disused army base.

The rest of the time can be sold to the people who need it or distributed to good causes or emergency situations. The full text is built on the conflict between people who waste time and people who sweep up all the time that is lost and wasted.

The time sweepers

Ursula Wills-Jones idealizes the time-sweepers and ridicules people. The author uses the stylistic device of climax in order to describe different types of time wasting: The author refers to the stylistic device of hyperbole in order to laugh at the people who waste time: They will pass by the next desk, where a man is enjoyably wondering what his mother-in-law looks like naked, and stop by the desk of the young man who is counting every minute, and loathing the hours.

The author creates a constant presence of time sweepers. The reader feels that they are everywhere:The time-sweepers are the people who sweep up all the time that is lost and wasted. You cannot see them, though if you are in the railway station and think you see something out of the corner of your eye, that will probably be a time - sweeper, cleaning up around the bench you are sitting on.

By Ursula Wills-Jones The Time-sweepers The story The writing style Two analyzes Analyze of the story Stroud, Gloucestershire. Ursula Jones-wills Combines educational moral with humanitarian messages. Blinx: The Time Sweeper is a platform game developed by Artoon and published by Microsoft Game was released for the Xbox on October 7, A sequel, Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space, was released for the Xbox in In , Microsoft dropped the Blinx trademark.

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The Time Sweepers are anthropomorphic cats that reside in the Time Factory and protect the integrity of Time. The weapons they use are dynamic vacuums called Sweepers that are able to suck and hold various items to later be used as ammunition, not to be confused with the job title.

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