The girl in the window

New year, new school. The school itself seems pretty normal, as do all the students and teachers. Or so I thought. No one knows who she is, but there are about as many different theories as there are people in the school.

The girl in the window

I went into it expecting it to be a story of a young girl trying to uncover the truth about her friend's disappearance, but it soon turned into something else.

But despite the bizarre nature of the shift, it felt natural and the story that followed it was very compelling.

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It was a very nice deviation from what could've been a generic, cliched mystery. The small town of Meander was hit What I found most interesting about The Girl in the Window was the sudden shift in plot direction.

The small town of Meander was hit hard by the disappearance of Leedie Ann Alcott. Kiley Mulligan was hit especially hard, given that she lived near the Alcott plantation and had befriended the young girl before she vanished.

After a long search, the townspeople were finally forced to abandon the child as lost. But then, a year later, Kiley sees Leedie Ann The girl in the window her bedroom window-but nobody, including Kiley's father, will believe the missing girl has really returned.

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Undeterred, Kiley sets out to prove that something is amiss at the Alcott plantation-and sets in motion a series of events that stirs up a lot of drama-that just might bring the truth to the surface. Even before the shift occurs, the plot was well-written and kept me interested in what would happen next.

Kiley's plans for uncovering what was going on at the Alcott house were well-orchestrated and ingenious for someone her age. The dialogue is a bit outdated, but that could be attributed to the time period the story is set in which appears to be in the mid-to-late s.

Otherwise, the writing was good for a children's book. As for characters, Kiley was a very mature, resourceful girl who was very easy to like and root for. Sure, her plans backfired and caused a lot of trouble, but it was clear she didn't intend for that to happen and just wanted to find out where her missing friend was.

Once her actions cause serious trouble, she feels real remorse that is perfectly captured. As for side characters, they're all pretty likable and no one is completely unlikable.

Kiley's father, at times, is hardheaded and gets mad at his daughter's actions without letting her explain, but he has genuine reason to be upset given the problems she unintentionally caused and does make up for it in the end.

And there's one other character I'd like to get into that I'll have to discuss along with the plot shift: Alcott after Leedie Ann disappeared, was by far the best character in the book.

She starts out being a pretty big suspect in Leedie Ann's potential kidnapping, even to Kiley, but once she starts hiding out in the slave chambers by Kiley's house, she starts to develop into a sympathetic character. Her back story reveals that she survived the Holocaust while the rest of her mother died, leaving her emotionally damaged and unable to let go of the pain.

The sympathetic side of her is only further shown when she's arrested and taken to court, where she's badgered by the attorney while clearly in no shape to testify on her own behalf.

Thankfully, Kiley finally confesses to writing the note, exonerating her. But after Kiley's confession, she finds a car with the clothespin doll she had given Leedie Ann that she had when she went missing.

The girl in the window

The car turns out to belong to Leedie Ann's father, who came to see Pesha's trial. Under ordinary circumstances, this wouldn't be a shocking twist, but since most of the story had focused around Pesha and her situation, I didn't really give the issue of who might've taken Leedie Ann much thought.

I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it worked for me. The ending was very heartwarming, especially the part where Kiley states that she's confident that Pesha will return someday.

The side plot involving Kiley's crumbling relationship with her best friend Sara never really felt like it was a major problem, even though it was treated as one.

It never really felt like their friendship was in any real danger from my perspective.

The Girl in the Window is a spine-tingling psychological suspense novel. If you like unsettling suburban mysteries, complex characters, and jaw-dropping twists, then you’ll love Reviews: Mar 25,  · ナニダトnanidato - doki doki no disco ドキドキのディスコ 『FUTUREFUNK』 X 甘い日本のディスコ'89 - Duration: eazy/P/eazy 『サイバーハンター'86』 , views. 'The Girl In The Window' Bernie and Diane Lierow depended on God's help when adopting a severely traumatized orphan who had been neglected and raised in unspeakable conditions for seven years.

And while it's a bit of a nitpick, but the tagline on the cover of the book hints at the possibility of there being something supernatural going on, but ghosts are never brought up or Kiley never believes that the supernatural could be involved in what she saw.

And the cover makes it look like a horror story when it's more of a drama than anything. But those are both mild problems that don't detract from the book at all.

Overall, The Girl in the Window was a much better read than I initially thought. The plot took an interesting turn, the characters were likable, the ending resolved everything that needed to be resolved, and the story told a great message against prejudicing people.

I recommend this book to children between the ages of The inventive plot, the likable characters, and the great resolution and message.

The mishandled subplot and the misleading cover.the girl 10 years later A feral child was found starving, covered in her own filth, unable to walk or talk.

A new family adopted the girl in , called her Dani, and tried to make up for years. New year, new school.

The girl in the window

It’s really nothing new for me; my family moves a lot. The school itself seems pretty normal, as do all the students and teachers. Or so I thought. You see, there’s this one hallway—it’s got the library and a few hardly-used classrooms in it—that always makes me feel. The Girl in the Window.

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