Successful college writing amazon

Are they just lucky? Born with a silver spoon? No, success is not limited to your race, IQ level, or the size of your bank account. Think book nerds are losers?

Successful college writing amazon

Managing each of these stages effectively will greatly enhance your group performance. Stage One - Familiarisation This is the stage when the individual members of the group get to know each other and begin to understand the task they need to undertake.

Time spent at this stage discussing your individual areas of interest and skills will be invaluable in helping your group develop a sense of its own identity including its strengths and weaknesses.

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Make sure everyone understands what it is they will need to achieve. If your group needs clarification of any of these issues then consult your course tutor. Stage Two - Planning and preparation This is the stage when your group should plan exactly what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and who should do what.

Pay attention to the following: Stage Three - Implementation Whilst your group carries out its tasks you will need to preserve your group's sense of purpose. Effective communication is vital, particularly when your group activity extends over time.

Here are some tips to promote good communication. Share addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses at an early stage to facilitate contact between members of the group. If possible, set up an email distribution list for rapid communication so that issues or problems can be flagged up as and when they arise.

Establish regular meetings of the whole group to check on progress and review action plans. Take notes at these meetings to help record complex discussions. Stage Four - Completion The final stage of your project is often the most difficult and may require a different management approach.

It will be vital to ensure that you pay close attention to detail, tie up loose ends and review the whole product rather than your discrete part of it. It is important to regroup at this stage to agree a new action plan for the final burst of activity. Trouble shooting Occasionally, groups can run into trouble, and it is useful to be aware of some of the problems and the appropriate solutions right from the start.

The following list highlights some of the most common difficulties. Unfair division or take-up of labour between different group members: Use your meetings to check that people are happy with their workloads and discuss problems openly, making sure that issues are addressed as a group concern rather than putting pressure on individuals.

Conflict between different group members: Don't be afraid to rotate leadership responsibilities or find ways of accommodating differing opinions. Your group practices should be flexible and democratic rather than rigid and leader-led.

Tackling inappropriate tasks as a whole group: Be aware of the limitations of group activity and don't be afraid to delegate responsibility for particular tasks to individuals. Always consult your course tutor if there are overwhelming problems in your group.

An independent voice can often help diffuse tension and help your group get back on the right track. Making the most of assessment Group work may be assessed in a number of ways. Most commonly, groups are asked to produce a single piece of assessed work this could be an oral presentation or written report whilst the individual members might be asked to provide a personal account of their work this could be another report or a work diary.

Group assessment can also take place through the use of a viva with small groups being interviewed together to discuss their work or individual group members interviewed in turn to talk about their contribution.

Planning effective oral presentations If you are making a group presentation, make sure that this is written and rehearsed as a group. Share opportunities for speaking rather than making one person do all the work unless there are too many people in your group or there just isn't enough time.She is the author of a number of books on reading and writing skills for developmental students, including The Writer's Selections, Fourth Edition (), Academic Reading, Fifth Edition (), Efficient and Flexible Reading, Seventh Edition (), Active Reading Skills (), and Reading Across the Disciplines: College Reading and Beyond, Second Edition (), as well as a new reader, Seeing the Reviews: This item: Successful College Writing, Brief Edition by Kathleen T.

How to be a Successful College Student : Learn Useful Study Tips

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successful college writing amazon

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Considerations: The Writing Process: A Scaffolding Approach 10 T/TAC W&M Updated Future Practices Following the same basic steps of the writing process across written assignments builds consistency and develops learner independence.

Initially, students need much guidance in order to complete each step.

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