Organized crime and drug trade

The generic use of the word "triads" for all Chinese criminal organizations is imprecise; triad groups are geographically, ethnically, culturally and structurally unique. Triads in Hong Kong are less involved with "traditional" criminal activity and are becoming associated with white-collar crime ; traditional initiation ceremonies rarely take place to avoid official attention.

Organized crime and drug trade

Clan hierarchy[ edit ] The typical structure of the Albanian mafia is hierarchical. A family clan is referred to as a "fis" or a "fare. A unit is led by a "Krye" or "Boss" who selects "Kryetar" or "Underbosses" to serve under them. The Kryetar will then choose a "Mik" or "Friend" who acts as a liaison to members and is responsible for coordinating unit activities.

Albanian mafia families or clans are usually made up of groups that have thousands members all over the world, constituting an extended family, residing all along the Balkan route from Eastern Turkey, to Western Europe, and North America. According to Ioannis Michaletos, the family structure is characterized by a strong inner discipline, which is achieved by means of punitive action for every deviation from internal rules.

Punishment ensures fear, and fear guarantees unconditional loyalty to the family. Provisions within the family structure allow official laws to be considered secondary, unimportant, and non-binding.

Since mafia families are based on blood relations, the number of Organized crime and drug trade members are limited, and bonds between them tend to be very strong. As a result, infiltrating into the mafia is almost impossible.

Members of other ethnic groups can be accepted only to execute one time or secondary jobs. The Albanian mafia families are organized in 4—6 or more levels; such a structure enables them to preserve the organizational action capability even in case some of its members or groups are captured.

In Albania, there are clans that operate in certain towns or cities. Each region is controlled by different mafia families that oversee international operations.

Is the Godfather of Mexico's Drug Trade Back in Business?

In Shkodrathe Xhakja clan is powerful and has an extensive history of criminal family members. The Allushi clan is located in the area of Kurcaj, Albania. Allushi clan boss is Nreka Nikprellaj,nicknamed Mladen.

His clan has also many criminal connections in Molunat. Besa is extremely important in Albanian culture, and is considered a verbal contract of trust. International activity[ edit ] "According to the US State Department, Albania is the mainstay of organized crime worldwide and the main points of drug trafficking, weapons and immigrants in counterfeit goods.

In addition, the cartels 'national' distinguished by the absence of vertical hierarchy, and controlled by family groups.

Four major clans control 20 families that also govern human trafficking, prostitution, blackmail, car robberies and money laundering, "writes Sputnik. The Turkish and Italian Mafia organizations are the main partners of the Albanian mafia in drug trafficking.

The latter, according to Sputnik, maintain links with officials, police, customs, intelligence and even military in their countries. This after Chinese authorities have uncovered Albanian mafia activity including drug trafficking and prostitution networks.

Reports state that the mafia is involved in drug transporting to various Chinese cities.

Organized crime and drug trade

Further, after smuggling the drugs, they are involved in human smuggling of Chinese nationals to Europe. The Israeli intelligence agency has called for a close cooperation between Israel and Albania to combat money laundering. Justice Ministry General Manager, Dr.

Organized crime and drug trade

Rotkopf Guy noted; "this is an important step in international cooperation between our countries to combat money laundering with the force of law and to deepen relations between Israel and other countries. Vaso Ulic is a year-old ethnic Montenegrin who migrated to Australia in and within a few years was working as a small-time foot soldier running drugs and cash along the infamous Golden Mile of Kings Cross but who is now seen as a kingpin of an organisation so big, very few drug consignments enter Australia without his knowledge or permission.Compare that to estimates of pure revenue from other forms of organized crime like the drug trade and human trafficking: the Organization of American States estimates that the revenue for cocaine.

Transnational organized crime and drug trafficking is of growing concern, and particularly illicit trade’s broad impact on development.

Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime

Few, if any, countries are exempt. While Colombian organized crime played a central role in the evolution of Venezuela’s drug trade throughout the 21st century as depicted by Camero, Venezuela’s military did not hold sway over cocaine trafficking in the early s, as now appears to be the case.

Congressional Research Service R Mexico: Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Organizations corruption and finding new ways to combat crime and manage the illicit drug trade.

Mexico: Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Organizations. Crime and. Drug Enforcement Administration). This is a listing of enterprises, gangs, and syndicates that are involved in organized crime. Tongs and outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as terrorist, militant, and paramilitary groups are mentioned if they are involved in criminal activity for funding.

IntroductIon W hat are the major trends that have characterized the evolution of illicit drug trafficking and organized crime (organized criminal networks) in the Americas over the last quarter of a.

Drugs and Crime as a Threat to Development