A discussion on the middle east islam and its ideas

This vision laid the foundations for a new religion.

A discussion on the middle east islam and its ideas

The institute was funded in part by grants from the U.

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Department of Education and the Connecticut Humanities Council. The Wethersfield Connecticut School District applied for the grant and was required to offer the workshop in conjunction with a college. I think ignorance breeds intolerance. We tried to cover the geography, history, and culture of the Middle East.

These teachers are going to be asked to provide information and leadership on these issues at their schools. Two follow-up sessions are planned for the fall or winter to allow teachers to share their lesson plans and talk about their experiences using the lessons in their schools.

One of the art teachers said she would like to develop lessons using the geometric patterns in Islamic art and architecture and link them to the math curriculum.

This will help students realize the beauty and richness of the Islamic culture. So far, they have only had very negative images of Islam. Field, the Woodstock Academy teacher who teaches comparative religions and world history, said she plans to create a chart showing the similarities among Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and would like to find speakers with first-hand knowledge of the Middle East and its religions.

She also wants to work in a lesson about resolving conflicts with a friend and how those methods might be applied on a global scale.

I think we need to be aware of all people.May 06,  · The Forum sponsors webinars, in-person briefings, and conference calls featuring its staff and fellows, former government officials, scholars, journalists, and others with insights into the Middle East and Islamism.

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The concept of secularism was imported along with many of the ideas of post-enlightenment modernity from Europe into the Muslim world, namely Middle East and North Africa. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. General Middle East Resources. Teaching the Middle East in 10 Quiz Questions: If you are teaching social studies or world history or current events, the Middle East appears in the curriculum.

A discussion on the middle east islam and its ideas

Professor Charles Kurzman has developed a quick quiz to help you teach about the Middle East, whether or not you consider yourself an expert.

The Middle East after the rise of Islam had an implied class system as well, referred to as High Islam and Popular or Low Islam. There is no actual High and Popular Islam that people are officially divided into, but is perceived through historical analysis.

Understanding the nuances of the Middle East is a challenge for anyone. TeachersFirst offers these interactive activities to help students grasp the basic political geography and religious make-up of the region.

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The activities include some basic facts to acquaint students with historical events. Russia was seeking access to a warm water port, while Britain was seeking access to its most valuable colony, India.

The Middle East was the arena for this struggle. The era of colonialism is often placed in the past, but for many colonized groups, its effects are ongoing.

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